Skjeveland Enterprises provides excellent service. They are very nice and helpful on the phone and I have forgotten to bring our cans to the street twice and they came down the driveway and got them for us.


Owatonna, MN

The best service ever!!! The trash pick-up guys are friendly and polite. Won't ever switch.


Owatonna, MN

Skjeveland Enterprises trash service is better than the big guy any day. Great customer service. Always reliable.


Blooming Prairie, MN

I've been using Skjeveland for residential trash pick up/recycling for over a year now - I've always had great service. Any time I've called them, I've been greeted and chatted with in a very friendly and cheerful manner. This is the first trash service I've interacted with (I've rented for almost 10 years - I never got to choose or interact with my service) so I can't compare them to the other local trash services; however, I do like Skjeveland's prices and ease of use. There have been a few times I've forgotten to move my bin to the curb, and an employee was kind enough to walk up to my bin, and take it to the truck to empty it.


Owatonna, MN

We use Skjeveland for our residential trash pick up, and also have ordered dumpsters from them for a roofing project and attic/basement clean-out. The rates are much better than the big companies, and the service can't be beat! Also, calling in with a question, or to get information on anything, is actually a pleasant conversation with a cheerful human being---not an automated nightmare or crabby employee. We are so glad we found this waste removal company!


Owatonna, MN

Great Customer service and pickup service. Reasonable prices. I have done residential trash pick-up service along with occasionally getting a trash dumpster.


Hayfield, MN